Monday, September 25, 2006


I don't know if this is an exceptional year for hummingbirds or if I'm just spending more time in the garden this year but I don't think I've spent more than five minutes in the upstairs garden over the past three or four weeks and not seen at least one hummingbird. I think the most I've seen in the yard at one time is four.

They perch on the telephone wire that still runs above the upstairs garden (darn that SBC who wants $500 to move the line to the other side of the house) and the spiraling branches of wisteria shooting out from the telephone pole, their delicate chirps calling me out onto the porch. Then they're off, sipping from the yellow bells, the hamelia (that's what's blooming in the picture, minus the birds themselves, which I've been unable to catch in a picture) and the Turk's cap, but also trying out the various salvias and even the small blooms of the Old Blush rose.

I have no idea if they're all the same species but they do seem to be variously colored. This morning I caught a glimpse of irridescent green swooping across the yard but most have been less colorful grays and browns, at least in the brief peeks I've gotten as they flit here and there.

Any idea how long they're here? I assume they must be migrating and are fueling up for a long flight somewhere to the south.


Pam/Digging said...

I don't know when, or if, they leave for the winter, but I saw one earlier this year, on Feb. 24. If they do go to Mexico from here, it must be a very short vacation.

Annie in Austin said...

When we moved here I was told by my neighbors that there were no hummingbirds in our area, but I moved in bearing containers of salvias and cypress vine in bloom. Within a few days they'd appeared. You've apparently set a great table for them to have four at once! We have two at a time, but I've never seen four. And no photos, like you and Pam have taken, darn it.


M Sinclair Stevens (Austin) said...

I've seen more hummers this year than ever before. I have a lot of Turk's cap but I don't notice them there. Right now my cypress vine is blooming like mad. They're supposed to like that too but I haven't seen them there either. Like yours, mine seem to like the yellow bells.