Sunday, May 20, 2007

Updating the workings

I finally decided to update to the new layouts version of Blogger. I'd been avoiding the upgrade out of some sense that everything would disappear or that I'd have to go back in and recreate all my links but this morning I took the plunge and all looks well.

I added a way to access the post labels and changed the way the archives are displayed but other than that it all looks about the same.

Here's a look at my current favorite garden combination: the sprawling winecups, whose vine-like stems have reached out three or four feet in every direction and the California poppies that were planted so late but, with this continued cool weather, have continued to bloom.

And can I just exclaim one more time about this weather: I was in Dallas from Wednesday through Saturday and it was so lovely and cool up there. I assumed the coolness must be limited to north Texas but when I got back I found it almost as cool in Austin.

Right now the whole family (except me, in here typing away) is sitting out on the back porch, reading. A rare sight any time, but especially in the last days of May.


Carol said...

That's a pretty color combination. I don't know what you consider cool but here I think it is too warm for May, at least today.

By the way, today I pulled the pansies out of the window box and replanted it with summer annuals...

Annie in Austin said...

You have one hot combo with the callirhoe and poppy! Will the winecups keep blooming after the poppies give up?

Susan, pulling out the pansies was also what I did on a couple of planters - they were like green strings with a few tiny leaves and one flower on the end. But the cool weather has made some plants look different - colors last longer and the red anemone put up another flower.

My archives are similar to yours - I wasted so much time rolling through to find older things, not realizing that I could first click on the arrow for 2006, and then open each month to reveal the titles of the posts. It's terribly efficient once one knows how to work it!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Bonnie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Kiss of Sun. So nice to meet so many of the Austin bloggers. I'm just drooling over your beautiful blooms. I spent all day potty training my son and was just itching to get out in the pretty weather and get my hands dirty. Maybe I can move the potty outdoors!!

Pam/Digging said...

Susan, I adore that winecup/poppy combo too.

Funny that Bonnie writes about spending the day potty training her son but still wanting to get her hands dirty. I'd have thought that would do the trick! ;-) Just kidding, Bonnie.

r sorrell said...

One of these days I'll re-do my layout, but right now I just don't have the patience. I guess I'll just continue to get frustrated with the way I've been going about posting.

I tried California Poppies last year and they all burnt up... I think I planted them at the right time, but it was a pretty hot spring.

Susan said...

Carol — It's been around 80 here for the past five or six days (but was up to above 90 and humid for several days the previous week). My pansies are still hanging in there but I think I'll be pulling them up any day now.

Annie — I think the winecups will keep blooming for a while longer, although it's been a few years since I've had them in the garden and, as you mention, this has been an odd spring anyway.

Bonnie — I'm glad you stopped by. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden.

R Sorrell — Changing from the old templates version of Blogger to the new layouts version was completely painless and took only a couple of minutes. I was afraid all the links to blogs, garden stores, etc., would have to be re-entered but they transferred over just fine. And I would say the new layout version is easier to use.

I've had the best luck when I've planted California poppies (from transplants) in the fall about the same time I would plant pansies. Then they usually last until April or maybe early May. This year is just odd, I think.

M Sinclair Stevens (Austin) said...

I planted my California poppies way too late...they haven't even started blooming. Yours look lovely!

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