Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Out the kitchen window

Here's my attempt to show what the wisteria looks like out the kitchen window. From the window, what I see is the wisteria showering down from the right, with the Old Blush rose behind it, covered in pink flowers. I'm not sure you can see the roses in the picture and I couldn't really give a sense of how the wisteria dominates the view at this time of year. If I was a foot taller (or willing to lie across the sink and hang out the window) I might be able to get a better shot but, between my short stature and the blocking effect of our casement windows that don't crank all the way open, this is the best I can do.


Pam/Digging said...

Nice view! I really like your wall too, especially with that little niche.

r sorrell said...

That's gorgeous. Someone on my street had a big, gorgeous wisteria like that growing over a trellis on their front porch... and they cut it down this winter. I'm still grieving.

Susan said...

It is an excellent view, especially this time of year. We were lucky enough to inherit the wisteria and the wall with the house. In fact, when we started the addition project last year one of our main concerns was how it would affect the wall. I think we delayed building back there for years because we were worried about what it would mean for the wall. The wall continues to the left of what you can see in this picture and, in fact, part of it was shortened and part hidden because of the addition (there used to be another niche on the left side) but the architect did a great job of minimizing the impact.

— Susan